Thank you to all my clients who have trusted me with their unique journey. You inspire me each day.

Thank you so much for the appointment – it was absolutely brilliant ! I really enjoyed it! I think that everyone who can, should have an opportunity like this. You were so professional, yet so informative and placed me at ease, which is the main thing I like in a clinic appointment, so I could relax, think and take it all in.

Everything you said was personal – you didn’t have a “one size fits all” plan – I was so impressed that your information is also evidence based, on medical knowledge about the endocrine system, in view of my recent diabetes diagnosis.

The meal plans and information all look really interesting and I am now (this morning) going to order the food that was discussed, to start my plan! Thank you again for a wonderful experience and I will  look forward to catching up soon, in follow up clinic, to let you know how it’s all going!

have been struggling with joint pain since starting medication for high blood pressure. This has affected my quality of life. Due to the supplements you recommend I start taking along with my dietary changes, I am now enjoying a pain free life which I did not think would be possible.

I have told my friends about the difference this has made to me. Thank you Jenny.


Thank you for your support along mums journey – we very much appreciate all the help and advice so far. Thank you for listening, we are reassured after seeking your advice.


So lovely to meet you in person the other week. I’ve been revisiting my plan today and putting the mood foods portions flyers up on the kitchen door for ease of reference. You are great practitioner! So much info to have at have fingertips and to concentrate on the person in hand. A real talent. But such a interesting area to become an expert in.

Thanks for your support and do keep me posted about developments.


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