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Are you currently be confused by contradictory advice on what to eat, what not to eat etc…
I have an opening to take on Clients: who want to lose fat, achieve better health, and “be your best self!!!”

I don’t take on many new Client’s at once …instead I prefer to work with a small number of fabulous individuals to help them get the transformative results they deserve!

WHO am I looking for?…

I help strong, ambitious women fight fat, reclaim their health and reach their potential …BE YOUR BEST SELF!

…EVEN IF that person has become lost along the way! …I was that person.
Wanting more. 
Daring to see what was possible.

It MAY be YOU, IF:
You want to lose body fat.
Not “tone up” but actually build some muscle and lose fat.
Health is important to you.
You want to be in your best health yet! Perhaps work on and banish some ongoing symptoms, niggles or health complaints along the way.
You work-out/exercise or train.
OR you are ready to start because you acknowledge this is important for your mind and your body but don’t know how or have lost your way.
You are willing to show up with a BEGINNERS MINDSET …and start taking action.

YOU are my people 😃

12-Week Kickstart Nutrition Coaching
What this includes

If we are a good fit, I will coach you through what you need to do to reach your goals.

Together, we will set actions and practices for you to work on that will help you to create healthy habits to suit you and your body best!

These actions will all be centred around the fundamental pillars of health:
⭐ Nutrition,
⭐ Movement & exercise,
⭐ Mindset,
⭐ Stress &
⭐ Sleep.
The 12-week Kickstart will include:

  • Initial onboarding.
  • A personalised plan.
  • Food journal accountability.
  • Weekly or fortnightly accountability coaching sessions to set and review actions (zoom or call).
  • Use of a mobile app to log actions and access articles, information, recipes and infographics to support you.
  • Messaging direct to me!
  • Personalised recommendations for functional test and supplements (where necessary and appropriate).
  • Interpretation of results, where functional tests are carried out.
  • I am a BANT Registered Nutritionist who has Naturopathic training so the coaching will also include nutritional advice SPECIFIC to you, your symptoms/medical condition so that we can work on addressing root causes along the way!

I also have a specialist interest in plant-based and vegan nutrition so if this is your dietary preference, I have got you covered too!

Next Steps

You can book a Discovery Call so we can get to know each other and see if we might be a good fit. This will also provide the opportunity for me to answer any questions and find out a bit more about your goals. I am genuinely excited to get to know you


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