International Women’s Day

Here’s to strong women!

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them.

Last Sunday I was delighted to be part of an incredible group of ladies celebrating International Women’s Day at @crossfitmendip and super excited to be one of the guest speakers! We had an amazing team delivering and participating in the event which included: Emma from Mushroom Strength and Fitness, Coach Cole, Coach Tash, Coach Izzy from Crossfit Chew Valley as well as Coaches from Crossfit Bristol North and Crossfit Mendip gyms!

Dr Alexandra Price gave a talk and took questions on all things Women’s Health and Catherine Roe had an endless stream of happy ladies popping in for sports massage therapy and it seemed all were in need of lower back work following the brutal Crossfit Open 22.2!

The 35 or so women who came along to the event were all super duper awesome, incredible role models and I for one absolutely loved the feeling of working out with this amazing vibe surrounded by women supporting and celebrating women!

I delivered a talk on The Benefits of Strength Training….

I am a big advocate of strength training as a tool to combat some of the challenges we face as women…
💣 3-5% loss of muscle mass each decade after 30
💣 loss of bone density at menopause
💣 not to mention the overall impact this can have (if left unchallenged) on an ever dwindling BMR and therefore energy requirement…

Strength training PLUS fueling our bodies well holds the key to healthy ageing and getting that banging body composition we desire (not ‘toning up’ but just plain losing body fat and gaining some super duper muscle 🔥 💪).

🚨 Not dieting – diet culture doesn’t work.
🚨 Not punishing ourselves doing endless activity we don’t enjoy!
🚨 Not eating smaller and smaller amounts of food or swapping foods for low calorie ‘food like substances’ yes I’m calling it that 🤣 which deliver very little on the nutrition front.
🚨 Not focusing ONLY on the number on the scale.
🚨 We do not need to diminish ourselves.
🚨 We are not small men.

🌟 We can be strong.
🌟 We can break the bias.
🌟 We can do better!!!!!

I love empowering women with this knowledge and want everyone to spread the word!!!! Let’s model this behaviour – it’s not just our genes we pass on it’s our diet and lifestyle too!

🌈 Tell your daughters, sisters, friends and peers.
🌈 We do not need to shrink.
🌈 We can break the bias!!!

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