End of 2021 roundup news!

Hello lovely readers!

This final quarter of 2021 has been a pretty special time for me.

I graduated as a Nutritional Therapist from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM Bristol) in October 2021 and since this time I have been busy setting up and launching my practice!

Most memorably I have:

Continued with my mentoring

  • Continued with monthly group mentoring by the wonderful Bristol based Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Linda Sims and a super supportive group of inspiring Nutritional Therapists!
  • Enjoyed a sh*t hot mentoring session from Gideon Remfry (one of London’s go to PTs and Nutritionists – named among the top 25 trainers worldwide) where we dived into all things fitness and nutrition related and Gideon gave me some invaluable insight and guidance which have helped me shape my new month long nutrition coaching series ‘Reboot Body Balance MOT‘ which launches in January 2022!

Completed some super fantastic CPD, namely:

  • The T. Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies, Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition for which I was delighted and astonished to have received a fully funded scholarship from the Food for Health Foundation. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity and gift – I still pinch myself when I think back to being awarded this scholarship. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would wholeheartedly recommend it to all!
  • I have also commenced my Plant-based nutrition; a sustainable diet for optimal health course for professionals through the University of Winchester.
  • A variety of excellent online webinars through Pharma Nord, BANT, ANP and CNM to name a few!

Developed my skills as a Nutritional Therapist:

  • Holding consultations with clients in person and online (taking comprehensive case histories and delivering individual nutrition and lifestyle plans).
  • Delivered a workshop at a Mini Retreat on ‘Supporting your Immune System’ which I thoroughly enjoyed and would really love to do more of!

Embarked on a new very exciting Secret-Squirrel project!

  • Working as an assistant coach for an amazing UK based online plant-based / vegan nutrition and fitness company! I have learnt so much already and am inspired by the owner / coach and amazing members on a daily basis!


  • Became a member of Plant Based Health Professionals UK!

I have also felt the fear and done it anyway and gotten more comfortable with being uncomfortable!

  • Public speaking!!!
  • Calling labs and digging deep to uncover the right bit of scientific research to make the very best plan and outcome for my clients
  • Making little videos and posts, planning my first YouTube Channel video and just trusting in my instincts even when at times I have felt not yet good enough. Go away Imposter Syndrome!!!!!

Made links with some absolutely amazing companies!

Continued to hit the gym regularly and train hard. Afterall, movement is LIFE!!!!!

Finally, I have said a feel last goodbyes: at one point, I was working 4-5 part time jobs to support my dreams to make this all a reality. At times it was very almost too much especially during the dark homeschooling period in lockdown version: who even knows of the pandemic. Over the last few months I have reduced this workload down to one final job and am now on my last goodbye with my final non-nutrition related role as a Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer. This has been a truly brilliant and flexible role which has supported me through my studies over the last few years and allowed me to be my own boss and get on with things! Despite it being such a different area to the field that is my real calling, I have learned so much along the way and what I have come to realise is that it is always the people who matter.

This has turned into quite the reflective blog post but I am super excited for the future.

Opportunities to work with me or collaborate!

Please get in touch if you want some support with your own nutrition journey, or if you want me to hold a workshop, write an editorial / piece or collaborate! I for one am excited for what the future holds!

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