I am very excited to announce my NEW 12-week Nutrition Coaching Kickstart LAUNCHING Monday 16th May 2022!

  • Losing 10 pounds.
  • Running a half marathon.
  • Getting six-pack abs.

These are all great but short-term goals…

Many health coaches and nutritionists can help you achieve these short-term goals on a calorie-deficit high protein diet maybe a takeaway and some beers thrown in at the weekend.

….But this approach sometimes comes at the expense of genuine health.

But what if I could offer a way to also help you find something more meaningful, sustainable, and inspiring…

more energy, a lifestyle, deep health…

The truth is most normal people don’t need to endlessly count calories forever! Sure it can lead to successfully losing weight. It can be a good tool in the tool box as a temporary measure to see where we might be going wrong if it’s not that clear. Or can be super helpful if we have a short term goal that we need to reach like getting competition or stage ready. And some people just love data. Tracking and counting suits them. And that’s OK too.

But we also need to consider that people can lose weight eating a calorie deficit of twinkies to lose 10 pounds and have a great snap at the end. But how long can most people keep this up? And feel their best self – energised, strong, satisfied in the process? The danger with just counting calories is that this method does not result in deep or sustained health.

And what happens when you do reach that short-term goal? What happens then? Most people end up with tracking fatigue. In my experience, most people don’t want to count calories for life.

And don’t forget we model behaviours for others in our life… are you worried that your weighing and measuring, counting and tracking might have a negative effect on other impressionable people in our lives? I get it… If you want different MORE for them, you need a different approach and WANT MORE for yourself!

Enter: my 12-week Nutrition Coaching KICKSTART based around a deep health coaching method, the method that gets you the results you 
want, and more importantly the results you need.

I can help you reach your goal and truly transform your health. I can help you thrive, in the process.

Because the two main domains of physical health – food and fitness only account for around 16% of what determines your success.

What if you could move beyond “12 week beach bod programs,” or “pre-wedding weight loss,” to something truly meaningful and sustainable, and even more inspiring? After all… what happens to the beach bod at week 13? Or by the 10th wedding anniversary?

Can you stay at or even grow beyond your goal without feeling deprived, hungry, and miserable? Without turning food prep and fitness into a full-time job? Without yo-yoing from short lived mirror selfies to hiding away in shame in a baggy sweater.

You see, I’m not into quick-fix results. I’m into transformations inside and out. Transformations that you can embrace for life.

I want you to get more ambitious about your goal with an approach that goes far beyond superficial.

My approach to nutrition coaching is for health.

It’s not just about how you look or perform. Though these aspects are important! The bottom line is that if we don’t factor in our health, a year from now we won’t look good or perform well anyway!

“Wait” you might say. “I’m all for health, but I stlll want to lose 10 pounds”.


My Kickstart Program will help you smash your goals —in a way that fits your life and is sustainable. Health and wellness doesn’t come from a pill, a supplement or an operation.

  • It comes from a balanced diet centred around fresh, whole foods.
  • It comes from sufficient exercise combined with recovery and good sleep.
  • It comes from the air we breathe and the water we drink.
  • It comes from the energy of those we surround ourselves with and the human connection.

And it comes from setting stretching goals that make you as nervous as excited. It comes from doing – imperfect action, finding your inner confidence and living your best life!

When I coach for health, I consider the whole person in front of me. And how to help you make sustainable and incremental changes that will get you results that last.

The bonus is that this approach has seen people get off their medication, become free from pain, and this is where the transformation truly happens. These are the results that make me LOVE my job!

If you want results that are truly long lasting, get in touch. I am only opening up a limited number of slots for this Kickstart as my time is split between a couple of projects (including writing my online course).

If you want IN, reach out and let’s get your journey started!

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