I’m Jenny Howell, a Nutritionist and Health Coach who runs a thriving online practice!

My mission is to give you the tools to take control of your health and empower you to make meaningful changes to your diet and lifestyle to support you to be your best self!

It was my own journey with IBS type symptoms in my early 20s and then later guttate and plaque psoriasis that set me on a path looking for answers, igniting my passion for nutrition and prompted me to train as a Nutritionist.

I still believe there is a place for conventional medicine – especially in emergency situations and acute conditions but I have come to passionately believe that much can be achieved through dietary and lifestyle changes in many of the long term chronic conditions we now see in the western world.

I now love working with my clients to help them achieve their short-term and long-term health goals and become the best version of themselves in the process.

I use a naturopathic approach to establish and address root causes of problems or symptoms rather than focusing solely on the symptoms of disease.

I then work with my clients in a coaching style to help them transform in a way that is sustainable and life changing! providing support, encouragement and accountability along the way.

I can help with:

  • Digestive discomfort / IBS type symptoms.
  • Skin issues.
  • Hormones – PMS, painful periods, endometriosis, fibroids, menopause.
  • Managing your stress, avoiding or recovering from burnout.
  • Pain and inflammation.
  • Healthy ageing.
  • Nutrition to support your training needs.
  • Dietary changes to support optimum health.
  • Where to start on a plant based diet or what you need to know when introducing more plant based foods.
  • Kids – tools to turn around faddy eating children.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step“.

Lao Tzu

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

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